CARO 2011 Workshop

CARO 2012 Prague

CARO 2011 Workshop

Prague, Czech Republic, May 5 - 6, 2011

CARO 2011 Workshop, the annual event of the Computer Anti-virus Researcher's Organization, is almost here.

CARO 2011 Workshop has been designed specifically to help antivirus professionals. Over one hundred specialists from firms such as F-Secure, Microsoft, Sourcefire, Symantec, and Trend-Micro have already confirmed that they will participate in this year’s CARO Workshop.

As an individual who has benefited from past CARO workshops, I’m pleased that AVAST Software is able to organize and host the CARO 2011 Workshop event. Hope to see you here.

Pavel Baudis

Co-founder of AVAST Software
Organizer of CARO 2011 Workshop